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Ambition Live Again

To resume a festive and cultural life in complete safety, the authorities and entertainment professionals need concrete measures and elements in order to imagine the reception conditions for the public, staff and artists for the future.

Ambition Live Again is an unprecedented experimental concert based on the scientific study SPRING* promoted by the AP-HP, the aim of which is to assess the risks of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for COVID-19, during a large-scale concert in a standing configuration, not distanced, in a closed venue.

This clinical trial consists of comparing the risk of contamination between 2 groups of “randomized” people (distributed randomly): an “experimental” group of 5,000 people will attend the concert and a “control” group of 2,500 people will not attend the concert.

The Ambition Live Again project is therefore not just a concert: it allows AP-HP research teams to conduct a real scientific study secured by a clinical research protocol. The results of the study will be published during the summer, in the weeks following the experiment.

Participation in this study is subject to a certain number of inclusion and non-inclusion criteria (age, place of residence, risk factors, etc.) :
✅ Registration for this experiment is limited to residents of the Paris region in France.
✅ Betwen 18 and 45 years old
✅ You must have no symptoms

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