Crystal Murray is all about refusing to stand still, the visceral need to transform oneself musically and to summon all the most innovative sounds the world has to offer. All of this is imbued with the soul music that the Frenchwoman so cherishes, and which provides her with a solid foundation for creation. Since 2021, she has been touring the world’s most prestigious venues, performing her Twisted Bases EP, among many others, which established her as one of the great hopefuls of unclassifiable music, and led her to collaborate with Le Diouck and Zelooperz, culminating in a memorable Color Show. Following her EPs “I Was Wrong” in 2020 and “Twisted Bases” in 2022, Crystal has transformed herself from soul “Princess” to pop star. Her career, marked by the creation of the Gucci Gang collective and her label Spin Desire, shows her independence and maturity. Defying trends of her generation such as fast music and TikTok, Crystal stands out for her unique, constantly renewed vision. It’s sensitive, endlessly danceable.

She will be presenting her debut album Sad Lovers And Giants for the very first time on the We Love Green stage. With this album, Crystal Murray inaugurates an audacious musical journey, sung entirely in English and the fruit of inspiration drawn from the energy of London, where she has recently settled. This new opus marks a major turning point in her career, marked by an assertion of her artistic independence, resolutely distancing herself from stereotypes and industry expectations. Across a range of musical genres : from punk rock to Massive Attack, touching on the essence of Black Sabbath. Crystal defies all attempts at categorization, embarking on a unique musical path driven by an introspective quest around love, obsession and the fundamental relationship: that with herself.