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Crystal Murray

Talent doesn’t wait for years, they say. The adage applies particularly to Crystal Murray, for whom music seems innate. At the age of 17, this Parisian singer and songwriter is already at the origin of a most singular universe: bewitching, magnetic, dreamlike, nourished by the multiple influences that have lulled her since she was a child. Born to an Afro-American jazzman father and a Franco-Spanish mother with a background in world music, she grew up in a whirlwind of concerts, tours and festivals – an environment that makes music an essential part of her story. “Soul and jazz were constantly present,” she recalls. But I’m also part of a generation that was lulled by rap and R&B.” The soundtrack to her childhood includes albums by Macy Gray, John Coltrane, Marvin Gaye and Beyoncé, records with which she experienced her first musical emotions and began to sing along. “Until I was nine years old, my dream was clearly to become a singer,” she exclaims with a laugh. “But I ended up putting that aside – I didn’t think I had a very beautiful voice.”

It was at the age of 15, after having refined her artistic desires within a fashion collective founded with three friends, that Crystal Murray returned to this dream as a little girl. The trigger? An improvised studio session in the spring of 2017 with a producer friend who, impressed by her voice and the lyrics she secretly wrote in her notebook, pushed her to take the plunge. “It helped me to accept the voice I’d found too deep for a long time,” she explains. And it encouraged me to take writing more seriously, too.” Things picked up speed in the summer of 2018 when she began working with musician and producer Pierre-Hadrien Trigano, better known as PH Trigano. Together, the two imagined Crystal Murray’s first single “After Ten”. A bewitching and heady song, which recounts a love story in half-tone and lays the foundations of a musical DNA stuck somewhere between jazz, house and soul. “I like to talk about ‘new jazz’,” the young woman comments. To give substance to this track, she joins forces with the duo of directors The Bardos, who have been noticed for their collaborations with the magazines Dazed and i-D. The result is a romantic music video where the singer reveals herself, bright and captivating, alongside her loved ones. Ranked in pole position on Spotify’s “New Talent” and Deezer’s “Découvertes” playlists on its release, “After Ten” establishes Crystal Murray as one of the most promising talents of 2019.

She releases her second single “Princess” in early September, produced by Archil, accompanied by a video clip and a live session. It is with this second track with two-step accents that Crystal begins the stage accompanied by a live band and a DJ. She will play during the fashion week at the Ralph Lauren x Vanity Fair and at the Boule Noire for a Son of Venus evening with DJ Otha.