JOSMAN - We Love Green


With a sharp pen and brutal honesty, Josman has carved out a spot for himself in the French rap landscape with a distinctive style and impactful lyrics. He quickly built a solid, highly engaged fanbase. His early projects “Matrix” and “J.O.$” propelled his fame, revealing an artist in constant evolution. On “M.A.N” and “J.000.$”, he confirmed his talent and left his mark on the French rap scene. Live, Josman electrifies crowds with contagious energy, confirming his place among the most complete talents in Francophone rap. Josman recently announced during Guy2Bezbar’s Planet Rap that he plans to take a break: “I had told myself that I would take a break every five years. I didn’t release anything in 2019 and it will be the same in 2024. With the recent release of J000.$, there’s enough to tide fans over. I’m going to give myself time to release an amazing album.” So, you know where to find him before his break…

“Why does Josman’s new surprise project give us hope for the end of the year in French rap?” – Konbini