Meryl - We Love Green


Rare are the lyricists or hip-hop topliners who became stars in France and abroad when they decided to become performers. What if Meryl was next? Originally from the Holy Spirit in Martinique, she was only 3 years old when she performed at home, humming songs by Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Very early on, she is attracted by the melodies of both local artists and big international stars. Her father taught her to recognise the instruments she heard. Rap only came much later, when she met Specta, a rapper from the Martinican underground. It was at this point that she discovered that he was also her cousin. After listening to Specta’s demo, Specta took her under his wing and gave her some valuable advice. She learned how to structure a song and how to be more efficient in her writing and singing. Together, they released the title “Agression textuelle” which allowed her to introduce herself to the West Indian public. While her energetic performance gets noticed, she, surprisingly, doesn’t listen to much rap. At home, it’s more like Chris Brown, dancehall and local or American productions going round and round. Mr. Nin, a producer based in Montpellier, spotted her and decided to produce her. From their collaborations comes “Luv Dat” (a remix of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”), “Dans mon bled” and the underground hit “An chanjé”. It was during this period that Meryl learned about ghostwriters, artists who write for other artists. The shock was even greater when she discovered that Zazie and Pascal Obispo had respectively written and composed “Allumer Le Feu” for Johnny Hallyday. Determined, she proposed texts to local artists and contacted labels in France to offer her services. She then remembered Chris, the boss of ETMG. (a stable of beatmakers, composers and melodists) and FIYAH RECORDS (a production company), who had contacted her a few years earlier to work together.

ETMG is an independent publishing company with Pyroman, Junior Alaprod, Shabz, Joe Rafaa, Stork and other talented producers/topliners in its ranks. As her collaboration with Nin has come to an end, she is renewing her relationship with Elaps and joining the structure. She then arrived in France where she met the whole team and artists like Shay who was working on her album at the time. Little by little, Meryl made her place while continuing to learn from her peers. She is once again called upon on Timal’s album, on which she appears on the track “Cartel”. The French public takes note. She makes herself more and more indispensable and participates in the albums of SCH, Soprano and Niska. At the same time, she develops her own catalogue of titles and takes into account the advice of her friends. Le Motif transmits her science of sound realization and helps her to make her sounds even more efficient and accessible. The magic works on “Impediment” and “Silly Band” but it is “Blessed” that propels her to the front of the stage. On the production of Pyroman, Yungspliff & Chapo, the Spiritist shows the full extent of her talent: incisive flow and heady melodies. This is followed by the anthem “Ah Lala” and the hit “Wollan”. Several million hits later and the labels embark on a war to sign the Meryl phenomenon.

Today, FIYAH RECORDS has made the choice to sign with AllPoints for Meryl who released a mixtape in February followed by a first album in 2020 to prove it. Two projects that should confirm that she is indeed “blessed”.