Polycool - We Love Green


Over the years, the four childhood friends of the group Polycool, (who in the past operated under their former name Abraxas) have, unwittingly, enriched the definition of pop music on the Paris scene. Their originality and influences know no bounds … and neither does their project: to compose an album on the life of a warthog? Yes, they did. A vinyl dedicated to a bisexual trout ? Of course it’s a vinyl dedicated to a bisexual trout. Inventing the religion of the Lemon Lord and making an album with a comic book ? That’s a great idea. Talk about diarrhea and the price of lemons live on France Inter? Of course.
Their multiple concerts (Le Printemps de Bourges, Pete The Monkey, La Cigale, Le Petit Bain…) leave, at each passage, an indelible memory of pop trance, sprinkled with confetti thrown by a man barely dressed in a balaclava, on a sweaty audience, but above all full of love. In just a few years, an aura of collective madness was created around them.

Polycool is, above all, an independent and absurd project, a medium at the service of the strange universe of these musicians, which, in spite of its great complexity, calls out to us. “We’d rather please ten people than please everyone a bit,” they say. Their unpredictable ability to surprise can also be found in their music videos, usually directed by Clément Métayer and Léo Schrepel, their great friends and video artists who are fetishes of the Parisian pop scene.

Their musical style, always enigmatic, is made up of various influences mixing Metronomy, Late of The Pier, Connan Mockasin and the whole universe of the netlabel Tasty Morsels. It’s this curious mix that their new album Lemon Lord, a tangy cosmogony released on November 15, 2019, embraces. “We wanted to cross Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd with the cartoon Hercules,” they sum up simply.
This concept album contains 13 tracks combining pop, experimental music and even US rap. It was produced for more than 6 months alongside Alexis Fugain (leader of the French pop group Biche). This time, a certain wisdom and complexity in the composition – but also in the recording methods – make this album a singular and rare object. But that’s not all! Prolific, they are also planning several side project releases in 2019, including the website, a veritable copy of the band’s madness, seems to reveal some nuggets… to be discovered on polycool.cool.
The Parisian quartet have created a musical style to serve their madness – between disco, pop, synth and psychedelic.
You’ll be amazed at what they’ve come up with in the meantime.