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Saint DX

Raised in the Buddhist spirituality of his parents and lulled by the Big Blue soundtrack, Aurélien Hamm tells us about the fragility but also the beauty of our love stories, and the reincarnation of our wounds in the repetition of our days. Oscillating between English and French, swaying bass and ethereal layers, self-tuning and nakedness of the voice, he quotes Sade, Mylène Farmer, Better Person, Kanye West and others.
Prince among his influences. Since 2018, he has released 3 singles (Regrets, First Fantasy and I Still Care), accompanied Charlotte Gainsbourg on stage and played many of her opening acts. He has just put the finishing touches to “SDX”, a 9-track EP that will be released on November 8th on Cracki Records and Because Music. After the first single “Prime Of Your Life” and his video directed by David Luraschi, his new single “Xphanie” was released on October 23rd.