Infos - We Love Green


When & where ?

Plaine de la Belle Etoile
Access via Route Dauphiné via L’Esplanade Saint Louis
Bois de Vincennes, 75012 Paris

• SCHEDULE: MAY 31, JUNE 1 & 2, 2024
Vendredi : 17h30 – 01h00

Saturday : 14h00 – 01h00

Sunday : 14h00 – 00h00

Coming to We Love Green

Transportation of festival-goers is responsible for 39% of WE LOVE GREEN’s carbon impact.
WE LOVE GREEN’S CARBON FOOTPRINT. In order to reduce this impact, the festival encourages you to use low-carbon transport solutions, giving priority to soft mobility.

Metro: Line 1 – Château de Vincennes

Below are the times of the last metro trains from Château de Vincennes:
Friday May 31st: 1h39
Saturday June 1: 1h39
Sunday June 2: 00h39

RER : A – Château de Vincennes
Bus: Line 56
Barbès, Gare de l’Est, République, Oberkampf, Nation, Château de Vincennes
Bikes: This year, you can park your bike in complete safety at the Bosch e-bike systems bike park located at the entrance to the festival! A guard service will look after your bike while you’re at the festival. You’ll soon be able to reserve your parking space free of charge.

Vélib: 5 stations nearby: Bois de Vincennes, Polygone-Pyramide, Parc Floral-Tremblay, Lac des Minimes-Pyramide, Ecole du Breuil.
Noctilien: Line N11
VTC : More information to come

No car parking nearby.
WE LOVE GREEN has deliberately chosen a site with good public transport links, and our program is designed to ensure that concerts finish before the last metro / train / bus leaves.


  • To facilitate access to the festival for people with disabilities or reduced mobility, WE LOVE GREEN has proposed the following in 2023:
    • A reduced rate for people receiving the “disabled adult” allowance (AAH)
    • A parking lot reserved for people with reduced mobility, subject to availability.`
    • An entrance dedicated to people with disabilities (PSH) and people with reduced mobility (PMR), where volunteers are on hand to welcome them, inform them and take them to the heart of the festival.
    • An electric cart that drives between the PRM/PMH parking lot and the festival entrance to make it easier for disabled festival-goers to get to the festival.
    • A team of volunteers to welcome and accompany people with disabilities (PRM & PSH), supervised by Inclusiv’Events and AMAAC, two associations specializing in the accessibility of cultural and artistic events.
    • The Handi-Accueil, a dedicated point for information on bars, platforms, PRM dry toilets and other facilities.
    • Disabled-friendly counters at all bars
    • Specific signage for the disabled
    • Dry toilets accessible to the disabled (10 cabins)

Assistance dogs are also allowed on the festival site.

In terms of services, the festival offers :

    • A guide written in French that is easy to read and understand (FALC), listing practical information about the festival, as well as access and facilities for people with disabilities – available HERE.
    • PRM platforms installed in front of the main stages (Prairie, Clairière and Canopée) to facilitate access to concerts for people with disabilities. They are accessible by means of a wristband, which can be collected from the Handi-Accueil on presentation of proof of identity.
    • CAU-Mobility, a universal accessibility pathway in flexible material to facilitate movement in certain areas of the festival.
    • A magnetic loop installed on the festival’s main stage, enabling hearing-impaired people equipped with a hearing aid to enjoy the concerts in the best possible listening conditions.
    • Vibration vests to feel the vibrations of the music, available at Handi-Accueil
    • With the support of Malakoff Humanis


Simple gestures to preserve your hearing and enjoy the festival :

  • Don’t stand in front of the speakers
  • Take breaks in quiet areas
  • Remember to take reusable earplugs
  • Adapt your equipment to your needs: foam earplugs, reusable earplugs or custom earplugs with acoustic filters.
  • Parents with children, triple the precautions: headphones, breaks and distance from speakers
  • Pregnant people, avoid exposure to high noise levels
  • Reusable earplugs and headphones for children will be on sale at the Information Point.


Even if we limit the decibels, think of your ears. If you want to use reusable hearing protection specially designed for listening to music at concerts and festivals, our partner BLOX has just what you need. Its BLOX Music model features an acoustic filter specially designed to let you enjoy authentic sound while protecting your hearing. It will be available for sale at festival merchandising. For the more discerning among you, take advantage of a 15% discount on the BLOX e-shop thanks to the promotional code “ENJOYWLG23”. Valid on the entire range from April 22 to May 24, 2023. Visit

Foam earplugs will also be available free of charge at the festival. We’re counting on you to throw them in the garbage can and not on the ground. New this year: BLOX will be setting up a collection point at the info point for used foam ear plugs, so that they can be recycled and turned into components for street furniture (benches, tables, etc.).

Our kids’ ears will also be pampered! BLOX will be offering children’s helmets for sale.


Do not throw your rubbish, cigarette butts, bottles on the ground. Place them in the bins provided around the festival site.

Please dispose of your waste in the correct waste streams, explained on each of the festival bins. In 2018 we managed to recycle 107 tons of waste at the festival.

This year the festival is setting up a Mobility Hub to get you to the festival in a responsible way. Metro, City Bus, Electric Scooter, Bicycle…the choice is yours. Reminder: no car parking nearby.

More information will be available soon!

prohibited items

1# Camping equipment (tents*, barbecues*, folding chairs, hammocks, coolers*, cutlery, cans*, parasols*…)
2# Explosive or flammable substances* (fireworks and bengals, flares, smoke, candles, holi powder, confetti…)
3# Illegal substances*, alcohol*, weapons*, sharp or blunt objects, even imitation, tools…
4# Image and/or sound recorders*, portable speakers*, computers*, tablets*…
5# Drone*, laser pointer*, megaphones*, sirens, musical instruments*, selfie poles, tripods…
6# Glass bottles and containers, food (cans, metal cans, tin cans…)
7# Distribution of leaflets, flyers, tracts, promotional posters (unless authorized), flags, banners…
8# Aerosols (perfume, spray, deodorant, spray paint…), markers…
9# Bicycles*, scooters*, spinners*, skateboards, motorcycle helmets, bicycle batteries and pumps, ….
10# bags and backpacks exceeding H 50 cm x W 30 cm x D 25 cm, suitcases of all sizes, umbrellas with pointed tips

*non-returnable items


1# Disposable cameras, Polaroids
2# Cell phone batteries, headphones, smartphones
3# Bottle/water bottle/thermos, camel bag any size, any material except glass, emptied
4# Sunscreen and umbrellas of all sizes (folding, non-folding, small, large, …) except pointed tips
5# Guide dogs for the blind or for medical assistance
6# Handbags, tote-bags, small backpacks, pouches, fanny packs, lang bags