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We Love Green is 100% Cashless !

Leave your wallet home – as the cashless payment system has landed. It’s a fast, easy and secure way to pay all over the festival, including at the bars, food stalls and merchandise stands.

Simply create an account online and top-up your wristband before the festival!
– You can even top-up your wristband anytime you want via our website or at one of the cashless stands.
– You will be charged a €1 activation fee.
– Any remaining credit on your wristband will be reimbursed after the festival. You have until midnight Sunday 18th June to make the request.
– If you break your wristband, please head to one of the festival information points for a replacement.


Plaine de la Belle Etoile
Route Dauphiné via L’Esplanade Saint Louis
Bois de Vincennes, Paris 12e

How to get here

Metro – Line 1 – Station Château de Vincennes
Bus – Line 56: Barbès, Gare de l’Est, République, Oberkampf, Nation, Château de Vincennes
Noctilien Night Bus – Ligne N11
Vélib (city bikes) -Station 12123
Taxis/VTC – Drop Off / Pick Up at Esplanade Saint Louis
Bike Park – On route Dauphiné

Last métro – from Château de Vincennes station
Saturday : 1h39
Sunday : 0h39

Map of the Festival

Coming Soon…

Disabled Access

The festival is adapted to accommodate for those with reduced mobility (we have assistance on hand when you arrive, plus a raised viewing platform facing the stage). To make arrangements with the festival, please email us around May at:


Book now your accommodation (Airbnb, Hotels & Hostels) close to the festival with Stay22 directly on the website.

Camping We Love Green

Come spend the Week-End in Paris !
Located 15min away from the festival via a free-shuttle, the Camping We Love Green is the easiest solution to enjoy the Festival at the best price !

You can book you tent pitch (8€), your bungalow for 2 to 6 persons (from 25€) to enjoy the festival alone or with your friends ! The camping is open 24/7 but you can enjoy 10% reduction during the Festival, from Friday June 1st to Monday June 4th.
Bookings can be made on


Kid's Area

Away from the crowds and hidden in the heart of the luscious green forest is a mini village just for kids. If your kids are aged 3 to 10, then simply sign them up free for a place in advance (limited number of places available). This large outdoor space is safe and secure and supervised by a team of childcare professionals who are on hand to offer a whole host of festive and fun activities. There’s hours of fun to be had on the large playground in the middle of the woods, plus they can join in the carnival spirit and learn lots of new things about sustainable food production, the environment, music and even recycling.

Details & registration (soon available)

Baggage Drop-Off, Safety & Security

Following police recommendations and the tightened controls under the Vigipirate security plan, no bags are allowed on the festival site (small handbags, clutch bags, bumbags and small tote bags are allowed – as long as they’re small!). Security measures have been reinforced at the entrance: an obligatory visual check and frisk will be carried out by our security agents.

The We Love Green app is available

Download the festival app right away! It’s available free via the App Store and sponsored by Tinder. It’s your pocket guide to the festival, filled with all the info you need: How to get here, Festival map, Security / Schedule for music, DJs, conferences & screenings / Food stand menus / Cashless top-up & Tickets / Kids’ Area info / Playlists and Meet New People !
Download via App Store
Download via Google Play

Prohibited objects


If you haven’t created an account before arriving at the festival,you can purchase a card and top it up at any cashless stand by the festival entrance. Please note – if you don’t have an account and you lose your card or it’s stolen, we cannot block the account. When topping-up, the cashless stands accept payment in cash or by credit card.

– Via the website using your smartphone (depending on Internet connection available)

– At a cashless stand at the festival entrance

You can top-up your account as many times as you like, before and during the festival.

If you have created an account, you can consult your balance and transaction history by logging into your account via the cashless page on the festival website. You can also consult your balance when paying at any point of sale (bars, food stalls, merchandise stands). An invoice or receipt, is only available via your cashless account. No invoice or receipt will be given at at cashless stand or point of sale.

Head to one of the dedicated cashless support desks on the festival site. Here, they’ll be able to block your card. The remaining amount on your old card will be transferred to your new one. You will be charged €1 to block the old card and reactivate a new one.

Head over to the “Info Cashless” hut next to the top-up stands and let us know what problem you’re experiencing. Here you’ll find a team dedicated to your cashless queries, who will help provide you with a solution.

Any unused credit remaining on your card can be reimbursed after the festival. To apply for a reimbursement, log-in to your account using your email address and enter the six numbers featured on your cashless card. Check the remaining amount appears correct and then enter your bank card details – the remaining amount will be transferred here.

If you don’t see any remaining credit, please check that your cashless card is correctly linked up to your account: the card’s six-figure code should be indicated next to your email address. If not, click on the button “Add Chip”.

If you didn’t create an account before the festival, you can still do it after, simply enter the six-figure code on your cashless card. Please note – in this instance, do not use the barcode on your festival ticket to create an account, as it is not linked to the card you received at the cashless stand.

When you purchase your first drink, a refundable deposit will be automatically included for each cup (eco-cup, Tetra Pak etc.). To get back your deposit, head to the nearest bar: it’ll be reimbursed on to your cashless card when you return your empty cup(s) (i.e. with no further drinks purchase).

No, all exit of the festival are definitives

Yes, and it is located near the entry of the festival

Yes we have 3 zones of multiples Toilets, and 3 others zones of free tap water (see on the plan)

No, there are no cash machines on the festival site. Plan to get some cash out before arriving on the festival.
We Love Green is 100% cashless and gives the possibility to pre-load your cashless bracelet with your credit card.

You can meet the Info Point at the Entry of the festival, or wait for the inventory on our Facebook page

There’s no age minium, but we invite the parents of young child to get free ear-protections at the Info Point at the entry of the festival

Every year in Spring (April/May), we invite volunteers to take part of the project, and building up the festival on our side.

Yes there is some at the entry of the festival, at the Info Point.

Many food stands are available with all types of food (organic, local, kosher, vegetarian, …)
Discover the restaurant program in the coming days..

No, all food and drinks are not allowed on the festival (except small water bottles with no bottle cap in case of extreme hot weather), as the festival provides various restaurants & bars.

Yes but we do not advice anyone to do this as it could be already used, or fake.
The festival do not take any responsibility of reimbursement in these cases.
We can only recommend the Platform ZEPASS to exchange your ticket on a safe way.

It is indeed possible to take photos without permission provided you do not use professional equipment, in which case you will need to apply for accreditation.

The We Love Green team informs you that the event will be filmed. If you participate in the festival, you expressly acknowledge that your image may be exploited in the production of audiovisual programs, reports carried out for the purpose of promoting the event, by any means and in any format and without restriction of time or of place.

Please send your request to the promotional contact indicated in the info page or reach

This year the rates are changing, the more you take your early tickets unless they are expensive. There are several price levels, each level corresponds to a limited amount of tickets.