The Think Tank, your privileged Talk appointment, with Le Monde - We Love Green

The Think Tank, your privileged Talk appointment, with Le Monde

The 5th stage of the festival, the halo of a very recent award for environmental awareness in London on March 3rd at the AGF Awards*, a place to listen, exchange and emulate… Since its creation in 2013, We Love Green’s Think Tank has been pursuing the same ambition: to promote tomorrow’s ideas, driven by iconoclastic thinkers and committed personalities. This year, the Think Tank is changing pace and inaugurating new formats.


The news

CARTE BLANCHE À LIVE MAGAZINE: We Love Green is pleased to announce its collaboration with Live Magazine, a living diary that brings to life, in words, sounds and images, intimate and planetary stories. Fundamental for those who tell them, unforgettable for those who listen to them, they are 100% ephemeral and will fit, like flashes of poetry on the Think Tank stage. Intense moments to capture, now, or never.

NEW COMEDY SCENE: Disruptive, engaged, disturbing… humour is the first of the rebellions, of those that make you step back and, who knows, take action. In 2020, the Think Tank inaugurates its comedy club: renowned stand uppers, young talents and very nice surprises to come.

Cheers peak solutions

This year’s program…

THE SCENE OF THE CONFERENCES with Le Monde Planète – THEMATICS 2020: Behind the scenes of investigation and environmental scandals with the Green Blood project, Spotlight on the Amazon, The energies of the future, a special program Africa 2020 with Le Monde Afrique… the Think Tank conferences zoom in on the major issues of the planet with the personalities who are breathing change into the world:

Aurélien Barrau

“Being an astrophysicist is my way of being a poet.”

Astrophysicist, signer of the call of the 1000 scientists to rebellion, and author of the call of the 200 personalities to save the planet.

Hilda Flavia Nakabuye

“Ugandan Youth Climate Leader”.

A major activist on the African continent through her actions and speeches, she marked the last COPs and Davos by the relevance of her commitment. She wants to give a boost to the awareness of the climate crisis in Africa.

Haïdar El Ali

« L’homme qui enrichit la terre »

Autodidacte, écologiste sénégalais, ancien ministre, artisan de la Grande Muraille Verte pour stopper la désertification en Afrique. Il est l’un des écologistes les plus respectés d’Afrique de l’Ouest.

The future of the planet is being played out in Africa…

The continent that pollutes the least, suffers most violently from global warming. If nothing is done, the 2.5 billion Africans it will count in 2,050 will no longer be able to eat or breathe. This is an issue on which Le Monde Afrique is turning the spotlight with two dedicated meetings in the framework of the think- tank.

A focus on the Great Green Wall, firstly, will take the festival-goer from Senegal to Ethiopia in the footsteps of a crazy project, the construction of an 8,000 km long tree barrier to combat the progressive desertification of the region.

A film, “The Great Green Wall”, and debates with Malian actress and singer, Inna Modja, will join in a conversation with Senegalese ecologist Haidar El Ali.

The second meeting will be dedicated to civil society initiatives with activists for a greener Africa, who are committed on a daily basis and in their communities to ensure that Africa can make its voice heard in the fight against climate change, but also that ecological issues are taken into account by public decision-makers.

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