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We won’t be dancing in 2020, We Love Green rescheduled to 2021

Paris, 16th of April:

The program was finalized, the festival was under construction, the poster had just been unveiled, Lana Del Rey had just confirmed that she would be performing and we were counting the days before the big rush, eager to meet you in the Bois de Vincennes to sing in front of the Canopée, dance with our arms raised under the Lalaland, embark in the moshpits of the Clairière, enjoy great food at the foodcourt, and learn together at the Think Tank with global artists, creators, chefs, scientists who are making a difference. Then the COVID-19 came in, reducing months of work to nothing and forcing us to stop everything.Day after day, the likelihood of organizing WE LOVE GREEN in June was getting further and further away, but the idea of giving up seemed crazy to us. So we worked tirelessly on every scenarios with the artists, their agents, partners, institutions, and other festivals to reorganize everything and postpone the festival to September. That was crazy too, but we were almost there.

And then we had to face the facts after the announcement, on Monday, of the ban on festivals until mid-July. The health risks are still too great and uncertain for the safety of our festival-goers, our primary concern. We had to make the decision we feared: postpone the festival this year.


We took this decision very seriously. Because it has serious consequences for our festival and its teams who have been working tirelessly on the project for years… But also for a whole chain essential workers who are a key part of an event of this size.

It is be necessary to act so that the independent performing arts sector, which is already so fragile, can reinvent and rebuild itself, and have the possibility of a future.

Beyond the consequent financial difficulties this implies, postponed the 2020 edition is dramatic because it means we won’t be able to share with our 80,000 festival-goers, our diverse community, all generations combined, the strong messages of the whistleblowers we have welcomed at the festival who have been warning us for years.


The present reminds us that we urgently need to make health a priority, to take care of the world and to preserve our resources and biodiversity by rethinking our lifestyles. 

The time has come to enter into “Climate Resilience” through a profound transformation of our lives and societies, as the signatories of the eponymous manifesto call for. This is a manifesto we fully support alongside specialists whom we are proud to have received or plan to receive in the future: Marie Toussaint, Cyril Dion, Bruno Latour, Dominique Bourg, Nicolas Meyrieux, Maxime de Rostolan, Aurélien Barrau and Pablo Servigne. Their messages and their actions have inspired us for so long and resonate with us more strongly than ever.

Learning how to protect the environment and spreading the ideas of change has always been our goal for the festival — this is what guided the creation of WE LOVE GREEN.


So many things will not see the light of day, so many exchanges and connections won’t happen… We will miss the Think Tank conference stage with Le Monde and Live Magazine, a new generation of comedians, a foodcourt dedicated to the new generation of chefs∙f∙es, an educational partnership with the Ecole des Beaux-Arts (and two architect & artist collectives — Parenthèse and Le Consulat), as well as a collaboration with ChangeNOW who had just finished their event at the Grand Palais. We were also excited to showcase Africa2020, with musicians, chefs∙f∙es and guests on the conference stage who had been invited to teach us about the deep history of the continent.

Our motivation and our drive will remain intact. Our message is stronger than ever. We will make WE LOVE GREEN live this year in spite of everything. It will happen differently: online, via our social media. It seems to us more necessary than ever to bring together worlds that rarely meet, to continue to spread awareness on global issues. 

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2021 is a long way off, but this date gives us hope. Stay safe, take care of yourself, your relatives, friends, families and neighbors. The world is more connected than ever. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our thoughts also go to all those essential workers who make daily life possible: hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, city staff and agents, and the shops and businesses that provide us with the means to live.

We will get through this storm together. 

✊ The We Love Green team​​​​​​​

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