7 Million Thanks - We Love Green

7 Million Thanks


Last weekend a new festival was born: We Love Green TV.
Why? Because it was necessary. Because giving up on everything we had imagined, put together and almost completed was never an option.

Following the painful news that the 2020 festival would be postponed, we launched this experience in the space of a few weeks.
And the result? It brought together 80,000 i-festivalgoers and reached more than 7 million people!

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you! We Love Green TV is here to stay.

Resilience, resurgence? Adapt, evolve? In any case, a new chapter is opening in the history of We Love Green: a digital era that is well and truly alive. You simply had to catch Catherine Ringer’s eye on Saturday night to understand. Hearing her sing with the birds, play with silence and leave a space for Fred onstage and in our hearts. And what about la reina Rosalía’s unforgettable performance from last year, made available on replay Sunday night – it’s like seeing a comet fly by twice in a lifetime!

5 days and 5 nights, 19 hours of shows, conferences, talks, recipes, a few glitches, a lot of laughter, a few sound issues, thousands of messages exchanged, numerous live shows, replays captured for eternity, plus reinventing new solutions at the incredibly interactive Think Tank, where inventive ideas bounced around, from: Aurélien Barrau’s solid ideas (“It’s Chernobyl and we’ve just changed the the control room’s interiors.”); François Gemenne’s clear explanation of how the IPCC works; Bertrand Badré on green finance; Glenn Albrecht’s calming philosophy; or even courageous lessons from Vandana Shiva and Green Blood.

We are over the moon, because there were 80,000 i-festivalgoers who took part, jumping from one platform to the other from 3 rd June – which is amazingly the same number of festivalgoers we were expecting at Bois de Vincennes woods. You all found your way through our jungle of content which often made our heads spin and had us running around to show you the shortcuts.

Thank you to everyone who logged in en masse, from all walks of life and from all over the globe. We dreamed of creating a link between our epic We Love Green festival that gathers everyone IRL in June, and our shared vision that builds up over the year which you post about on our social media. Accessible to all, We love Green TV will be the intermediary between music, arts and ideas of the future. What an exciting prospect!

The festival map, to see the replay

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Thank you to the musicians for their talent and commitment to our cause, and to the Think Tank speakers armed with their convictions!

Thank you our partners, their unfailing support in 2020 enables us to envisage a future: Crédit Mutuel, Greenroom, Back Market, Naturalia, Honest, Citeo, SeeTickets and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Thank you to the inquisitive minds at the Village Innovations. And thank you to the 9 restaurateurs who signed up to this adventure with their local click & collect service.

Thank you to media for getting involved in the festival, from the conference stage with Le Monde, to France Inter for their special radio shows, Culturebox for recording crowdless shows, as well as Konbini for their backstage shenanigans and support from Inrockuptibles & Tsugi.

Thank you also to the institutions that support the project: Région Île de France, Ville de Paris, CNM, Ademe, Eau de Paris, Sacem and Copie Privée.

Thank you to our sponsors, Tetra Pak and, in particularly, Kering for supporting out sustainable development initiatives.