We Love Green would like to thanks its sponsors - We Love Green

We Love Green would like to thanks its sponsors

We Love Green festival would like to thank all its sponsors for their trust and support for the Workshop, Think Tank, Restaurants and Start-Up line-ups!


The ENGIE Foundation’s philosophy is about shared adventures, about men and women coming together using all their efforts to make things happen. At the heart of the Foundation’s actions, we aim to help children and young people integrate into society (education, jobs, sport, culture, environment); to improve access to energy for disadvantaged people; to work towards environmental protection; and provide emergency aid. By supporting We Love Green, the foundation is showing its commitment towards protecting the environment. The ENGIE Foundation identifies with the festival’s social, economic, and solidarity values, helping raise awareness through the medium of music of the problems faced today and tomorrow.


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Crédit Mutuel has been alongside WE LOVE GREEN since day one, sharing the same values concerning innovation and responsibility towards people. Here at Crédit Mutuel, we recognise the importance of sustainable development through our cooperative and collaborative commitments in the goal towards environmental protection. As sponsor of We Love Green’s Startup Hub, Crédit Mutuel hopes to be a part of the entrepreneurial spirit that radiates throughout the festival, helping young businesses who want to make a difference showcase their projects. As a bank, one our main aims is to help those young people who dare to build their own future, and a future for others too.


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We’re driven by the conviction that innovation and collaboration are two essential elements needed for a sustainable development business approach to succeed. Kering often forms partnerships with outside experts, such as fashion schools or NGOs, to get ahead faster, spread the word further and to encourage creativity. Becoming a partner of the eco-designed We Love Green festival is about bringing different worlds together. It’s about getting the world of luxury goods (an industry you might least expect to find included here) involved in the discussion, and starting a dialogue between different actors who share the same values and aims – that’s to say, contributing towards building a better world for future generations.

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“World leader in engineering and R&D services, Altran supports their clients in the creation and development of new products and services. Altran looks towards innovation, guiding their clients throughout the whole value chain and project life-cycle, from the initial idea to manufacturing. Altran is proud to join We Love Green’s team of sponsors. We teamed up with the line-up for the startup village, supporting initiatives from young businesses, as this truly represents the spirit of Altran: supporting the development of innovative projects.”


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