For over 10 years, WE LOVE GREEN has been building its identity through a signature and recognizable scenography. With each edition, the festival designs and transforms its scenography, exploring new methods of design and use of materials to work towards a circular and virtuous design.

Through these 4 areas of development, the scenography division mobilizes an entire ecosystem of artists, designers, craftsmen, manufacturers and suppliers to respond to one issue: how can we create and build from the resources we have?

A THEME FOR 2024 :

In 2024, WE LOVE GREEN is directing all its programs towards a global theme, which will be embodied by everyone, with the Art & Scéno program in the lead: BIODIVERSITY.

Open air museum

Every year, WE LOVE GREEN launches a call for projects from young artists, designers and architects, to help its audiences discover works that reflect the values and themes of the festival.

Whether contemplative or interactive, the works and installations in this open-air exhibition should create a dialogue between artists and festival-goers, catching their eye and piquing their curiosity.

An opportunity for emerging talents to present one of their works to thousands of festival-goers in an ephemeral, off-the-wall format that brings contemporary art out of the gallery and into the public eye.

A selection of existing works where their conception and purpose address the issues of recognizing and protecting Biodiversity and highlighting natural ecosystems.


For the past eight years, WE LOVE GREEN has been developing a pedagogical program with students from art and design schools around a participative worksite.

This year, with the support of the French Ministry of Culture’s Direction Générale de la Création Artistique, the program is evolving around two long-term partnerships with L’École des Beaux Arts & L’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs.

These partnerships have a number of objectives:

  • Design : To give art students the opportunity to create a full-scale project that they have imagined during their studies, based on the constraints of a festival.
  • Experiment: New eco-design and manufacturing practices using materials from the region’s recycling networks.
  • Exhibit: Promote contemporary creation to the public by exhibiting the works and research created during the year at the festival.


For several editions now, WE LOVE GREEN has been rethinking its overall scenography by working with studios and collectives of architects, designers and scenographers on the festival’s key scenographic elements: stages, arches, bars, committed towers and flags.

Based on a question as simple as it is complex:
“What are our resources and what can we create from them?”

The aim of the récupérathèque is to build a committed scenography from recycled materials, taken from previous editions but also from WE LOVE GREEN’s recuperation network developed since its beginnings with event organisers.

WE LOVE GREEN wants to be able to offer a scenography that is 100% committed, not only in its eco-design but also in the messages it conveys.

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