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The spirit of We Love Green

Every year, We Love Green invites wild and exciting artists who draw the music of our time. An eclectic program that crosses the bridges between indie and electro. A French scene does not lack lights (Christine & The Queens, Camille, Juliette Armanet, Angèle…) and a window on the new pop rock guard. But above all, a great desire for diversity in all forms of hip-hop: from the first festival of PNL to the coronation of Action Bronson, Migos & Tyler The Creator, and incredible performances of the new jewels Anderson .Paak, Damso, IAMDDB or Moha La Squale.

The music programming flourishes on two large stages: those of La Prairie, solar, open to the outside, feet in the grass, the head in the stars … and the scene of La Clairère, a half-marquee, like a bubble, ideal for meticulous stage design, resting as much on the light as the video to welcome the most innovative artists, and it becomes a real dive into their universe. And the future of current music, its most promising newcomers give themselves appointment under the big tent of the Lalaland. A panel of Live discoveries during the day before switching to a club version with the dancefloor masters.

Committed to eco-friendly solutions

We’re driven to making a festival whereby today’s environmental issues lie at the heart. When creating and conceiving the plan for such an ephemeral event, we start from scratch, asking ourselves the key question: “What resources do we have to hand, and what can we make with them?” Via the festivities of We Love Green, our aim is to raise the public’s awareness of certain issues, we’re hoping to have an impact that changes peoples’ habits, and be part of a necessary movement towards change that everyone can take part in. Not only do we coordinate cultural events, but with the help from our industry-insiders and artist collaborators, we also play an educational role. We hope that via music, we can spread economical, social and solidarity values – values that are music to your ears!

From the artistic line-up to our innovative, eco-friendly scenography, the whole We Love Green package is in keeping with our green commitments which underlie the festival’s beliefs, and we’re always on the look out for new ways of working and evolving. Being and doing We Love Green is just the beginning of our mission!

So now, it’s over to you guys!




The Think Tank stage

The Think Tank is an ideas lab located right in the heart of the festival. Its aim is to promote environmental innovation and encourage the exchange of ideas, as well as raising awareness of the biggest ecological issues around, to help us better understand our ever-changing world. And in order to achieve this, we hand the floor over to change makers such as iconoclastic thinkers, scientists, activists, artists, sociologists and other committed leading figures who will be leading round tables, conferences and even screenings.

Our bold and eclectic line-up benefits from support from the Ile de France regional directorate of ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency).


The Projections

Screened in the tents in the Think Tank field, you’ll find films and documentaries that make you think. Travel the planet through the eyes of various international directors and get a different insight into the world around you. 
In partnership with Atmosphere Festival and Datagueule.

The Start-Up Lab

In collaboration with LKECOWORK, the Startup Incubator brings together pioneering organisations and businesses from different areas such as green tech, circular economy, sustainable food production and agriculture, ethical fashion and design… On the eve of COP23 and its environmental and social challenges, the aim of this space is to raise awareness and allow new changemakers to be heard – from innovative ideas and how to consume differently, to encouraging collaboration and ways to help one another.

Register your Start-Up (french)

The Workshop

Every year, We Love Green opens its doors for the Residence Workshop, inviting the next generation of recently qualified designers and design students to apply. Not only do we finance all production costs and the ownership of the work remains with the artists, but the festival also advises and provides guidance to the designers, helping them source recycled materials for their projects that will decorate the festival. We Love Green has set up a jury made up of prominent professionals and industry insiders from the art, design, and scenography worlds. Their task is to select the various projects and support the winners throughout the whole creative process.

Designed to showcase new ways of creating innovative projects and promote young talent, this educational project is integrated into teaching, with support from art schools from the Île de France region, centres for Arts & Technology and apprenticeship training centres.


Food Services

When producing a festival, the second highest producer of greenhouse gasses is catering services (the worse offender being transport). It’s a major challenge in terms of production, seasonality and where produce come from. And so, We Love Green and its partners help and advise caterers on this green transition, whereby caterers are required to serve an original and tasty vegetarian option on their menu. We want to offer the best gastronomical experience possible in terms of quality and diversity, while keeping in line with our eco-friendly commitments which underlie the festival’s beliefs. With help from our jury of industry professionals, We Love Green assist the chosen caterers in sourcing organic and locavore produce, ensuring 100% product traceability, and also in using donated, unsold produce.


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