Music - We Love Green



Because it’s our trademark, we’re going to continue to mix tomorrow’s trends and champion the most exciting artists in contemporary music, bringing together audiences that don’t come together all that often. Futuristic rap, lyrical pop, sensual house, psychedelic rock, electro-folk, atomic fusion, DJ sets, concerts, performances: since 2010, true to our love of music, we’ve always tried to break new ground on tomorrow’s trends. Who remembers that PNL and Aya Nakamura gave their first festival concert here, that Tyler The Creator played here before winning a Grammy, or that Migos and Rosalia were already treading the lawn of the Bois de Vincennes before becoming interstellar stars?


The program unfolds on five perfectly synchronised stages.

The two big ones are La Prairie – sunny, open to the outdoors, feet in the grass, head in the stars…, and La Clairière – a half-capite, like a bubble, ideal for meticulously staged live shows, relying as much on lighting as video to welcome the most innovative artists for a real plunge into their universe.

As for the future of contemporary music, its most promising newcomers are meeting up on the magnificent stage of La Canopée (supported by the Île-de-France Region). The huge dancefloor under the Lalaland marquee welcomes, day and night, the masters and new faces of electronic music. Last but not least, our Think Tank stage, where emerging artists take over after the conferences.