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Meet the committed, eclectic and passionate panel of experts who have selected the restaurateurs for this 2024 edition:

👉🏻 ALAIN DUCASSE & ROMAIN MEDER- Presidents of the 2024 Jury
👉🏻 ALICE TUYET – Restauratrice de Faubourg Daimant
👉🏻 ADRIEN CACHOT – Chef of Vaisseau
👉🏻 SHIRLEY GARRIER & MATHIEU ZOUHAIRI- Photographers, content creators The Social Food
👉🏻 JORDAN MOILIM – Journalist at Très Très Bon TV, Cuisinier
👉🏻 ALICE MOIREAU – Content creator (Table, Le chalet Olivet)
👉🏻 HOUSSINE BOUCHAMA – Time Out media director
👉🏻 FARAH KERAM – Journalist & Author (28 minute, MilK Magazine, Le Fooding)


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