TIF - We Love Green


TIF’s career officially began in 2019 with the track « 3INIYA. » He would not return until 2022 with a project named after his label: « Houma Sweet Houma, » in which he sings about exile and the difficulties of his arrival in France from his native Algeria.

In « 1.6 » (2023), TIF tells us of a long journey far from his loved ones, filled with nostalgia. His musical universe becomes more refined: raw and touching lyrics, melodies as catchy as they are melancholic, and exhilarated Maghrebian rhythms. Media-shy but expressive and sincere in his music, this is just the beginning of a long career for TIF.

There’s still time to get on board!

« Tif, the rapper who connects France and Algeria » – Le Monde