As a pioneer of eco-responsible festivals in France, We Love Green is taking its commitments to the European stage through three flagship projects for the future:

Green Europe Experience, Green Deal Circular Festivals and Projet Reflow.

Green Europe Experience

What’s it all about?
A 3-year project initiated by We Love Green and supported by Europe Créative. A real innovation laboratory (imagine/test/validate or not) specialized in scenography and catering.

Who’s involved?
Boom Festival (Portugal), Dour Festival (Belgium), Pohoda Festival (Slovakia), We Love Green (France) and two NGOs, A Greener Festival (Great Britain) and Go Group (Germany).

Our work?
Set up 7 workshops over 3 years to improve our results, and support the innovations that will make tomorrow’s festivals.

GEX is a project co-financed by Creative Europe of the European Union.

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Green Deal Circular Festivals

What is it ?
We Love Green has joined forces with 49 European festivals to go circular by 2025.

Who is it with?
The initiative launched by the Green Events platform and the Dutch Ministry of the Environment brings together such pioneering and prestigious events as Roskilde (Denmark), Shambala (Great Britain), DGTL (Netherlands)…

What do we do?
Sharing data and experience, setting concrete targets and creating common tools to measure progress. One of the innovations presented by We Love Green is the production of green hydrogen from wind-generated electricity.

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