To ensure that WE LOVE GREEN remains a safe and responsible festival in every respect, we ask you to commit to the following rules:

✓ Respect the protected site signs and the demarcation of the various paths – To respect the Bois and its biodiversity.

✓ Don’t throw anything on the ground – Specific garbage cans for each type of waste (compost, household garbage, recyclable waste, cigarette butts) will be in place.

✓ Respect on-site selective sorting instructions – A green brigade will be on site to answer your questions.

✓ Use soft mobility (walking, cycling, scootering, public transport, carpooling…) to get to the festival – Bicycle parking will be available and there will be no parking for motorized vehicles.

✓ Respect everyone’s individuality. No sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist, grossophobic, classist, handiphobic or serophobic behavior or remarks will be tolerated, and the entire WE LOVE GREEN team pays particular attention to this – Our teams are all there to listen to everyone if such a situation arises.

✓ Respect all people and their consent – WE LOVE GREEN is a safe place, with no behavior of a nature to disturb people’s well-being.

✓ Inform members of the organization and/or members of security if you witness a discriminatory, humiliating, violent or dangerous situation – To help us fight against all forms of violence and in particular sexist and sexual violence and harassment (VHSS), several associations and devices will be present on site.

✓ Take care of yourself. Consume in moderation and don’t forget to stay hydrated. In case of need, refer to the festival teams, or specialized associations – Risk reduction tools will be at your disposal at various points of the festival (awareness stands, information point).

The whole WE LOVE GREEN team thanks you and wishes you a great festival!

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