ANETHA - We Love Green


A leading figure of the new generation of French DJs inspired by EBM, trance, electro, and old-school techno for about a decade, Anetha reigns supreme. Her sets are abundant and compelling, always featuring a powerful selection. On the production side, Anetha has released more than 30 tracks: an EP on Work Them Records (2015), two EPs on Blocaus Series (2016 & 2018), she also released her banger “Acid Train” on Anagram in 2017, and a split EP on Hector Oaks’ label in 2018. In 2019, Anetha launched a bold new label called Mama told ya, where she seeks to push boundaries, produce collaborative tracks, and give a voice to emerging artists.

“The DJ and producer is part of a generation that envisions dance without downtime or using the brakes in turns” – Vice