Caribou - We Love Green


Daniel V. Snaith was born in 1978 in Dundas (Ontario, Canada) to parents who were both mathematics teachers. In the 1990’s, young Daniel Snaith oscillates between music (he listens to a lot of pop, techno and new wave and starts to produce some electro pop tracks) and studies (he is passionate about science). It was at the very beginning of the 2000s that the musician opted for a stage name. It will be Manitoba.

In 2000, he released a first EP entitled People Eating Fruit, which was highly noticed by the critics who saw in him an eclectic and intelligent musician, between electro, pop and independent rock. He comes back in 2001 with Paul’s Birthday, which completes to provide him an excellent reputation…  That same year, he released a ten-track album called Start Breaking My Heart. Manitoba then emigrated to London and released a second album under this name, Up in Flames, in 2003. It was at this point that the musician and producer had some problems after musician Handsome Dick Manitoba (from the band Dictators) complained of plagiarism in his stage name… Dan Snaith is then forced to change his name to Caribou.

From Manitoba to Caribou

In 2005, Dan Snaith released his first album under his new name, Caribou. Entitled The Milk of Human Kindness, the album, between noisy pop spirit and electro pop arrangements, received rave reviews and was a public success both in Canada and in Europe, where the musician settled permanently in the British capital … The Caribou project was also exported live, concerts for which Dan Snaith hired a group.

In 2007, Caribou returned to the forefront of the music scene with a new album entitled Andorra. The album proved to be an even greater critical success than the previous opus and the fanbase grew even thicker. Andorra received the Polaris Music Prize in 2008 in Canada, one of the most honorary music awards.

In April 2010, Caribou’s third opus was released. Called Swim, the album takes its fans on the wrong side of the fence, offering a dancing electro music far from the style of the previous releases. Cunning, the doctor of mathematics shows he has more than one trick up his sleeve. Four years later, the album Our Love confirmed the critical success of an artist with a growing reputation (on the cover of Magic magazine!), inviting his compatriots: violinist Owen Pallett and singer Jessy Lanza. The title “Can’t Do Without You” serves as a launching pad for this fourth Caribou album.