FOUR TET - We Love Green


Four Tet’s debut album is now over 15 years old. And if from the beginning the British artist of Indian origin has built an exciting sonic cathedral, it’s hard not to be impressed by the bold wave of success he’s been riding in recent years, both solo and with his favorite B2B2B alongside Skrillex and Fred Again. Kieran Hebden (his real name) can boast collaborations with Thom Yorke, Jamie XX, and Burial (his school friend, legend has it), the development of his own label Text Records, on which he has released his latest albums, Pink (2012), Beautiful Rewind (2013), Morning/Evening (2015), New Energy (2017), and, even more impressively, a new role as producer for extraordinary albums. 2023 marks the return of Four Tet with a new album in preparation.

“Four Tet channels an endless energy” – NPR