Pomme - We Love Green


Claire Pommet (aka Pomme) is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who lives between Paris and Montreal. Her debut album “À peu près”, released in October 2017, a logical sequel to “En cavale” (2016), received critical acclaim. A tour of more than 300 concerts allowed the public to meet not only the musician, but also the artist, in her pure truth throughout the last three years. The success of this tour has continued to grow, as evidenced by a more than sold out Trianon (Paris) on 16 January 2019. Her new album, “Les failles”, was released on 1 November 2019.
“I think I just really needed to write and I was in a period of kind of introspection about the break-up, but not just about the break-up, it was way beyond that, it was about life, kind of. Life, humanity, being 21, being an adult. A lot of intense stuff when you’re on your own and you’re dealing with all that stuff…”