TROYE SIVAN - We Love Green


Born on YouTube through his vlogs and covers, the unique Troye Sivan, a singer, songwriter, and actor from South Africa, will make his first festival appearance in France at WE LOVE GREEN. From a first DIY EP recorded on GarageBand to his latest album “Something to give each other” released in July 2023, the prodigy Troye Sivan delivers powerful alternative pop often addressing themes like identity, youth, love, and self-acceptance. He has accumulated 22 billion streams, collaborations in the fashion world, appearances on runways, major roles in Hollywood films like Boy Erased and The Idol, and more than 20 million fans on social media – that’s Troye Sivan for you. Described as the “perfect pop star” by TIME magazine, he has firmly established himself as a global icon in the world of pop music, fashion, and LGBTQI+ representation.

“Troye Sivan makes us want to kiss the whole world” – Konbini

“THE sensation of the Australian music scene” – Quotidien